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Monday, January 28, 2019

How to Make a Website Using WordPress

How to make a website using WordPress?

Before going to see about WordPress let's see about types of website.
Basically websites are two types 
1.static website
2.dynamic website
1. Static website: static websites are the basic website with fixed content with very few pages.
2. Dynamic website: Dynamic are big sites with more pages and posts with blog section,dynamic sites are updated regularly.
Ex: Amazon, Flipkart etc...
Coming to WordPress, WordPress is a open source software which is used to install on web servers. To install WordPress we must have access to c-panel.
After installation WordPress basic theme will be updated on website, based on the category of the business we can select the theme from left column of the dashboard 
1.Business Themes to develop corporate website
2.E-commerce themes gallery themes
4.News / Magazine portals 
5.official and personal blogs
Depending on our project requirements premium themes can be taken from themeforest website.
Customize the theme by adding menu, social links,pages and posts. If any problem related to theme customization then go to documentation of the theme for better understanding.
To enhance the website we need to install new plugins,WordPress is providing more than 37000 plugins for every purpose.

Plugins are categorized into two types.
1. Full fledge plugins
2. widget plugins
Let's see some basic and useful plugins offline (or) coming soon plugin:
This plugin is used to show for user purpose, if the website is in under development then we can use this plugin.

2.Nextgen gallery:
This plugin is used to implement picture gallerys in to the website, gallery icon will be displayed on left side of the dashboard.with the help of add gallery option gallery is added from admin panel.

3:Contact Form 7:
This plugin is used for integrating contact form in the website. We can take the contact form with some code and setting.

4.woo commerce:
This plugin is used to implement E-commerce features from product page to billing page, this plugin Will take care of everything.

5.yoast seo:
This plugin is used to implement seo strategies by providing meta tags as per Google seo rules.

6.w3 tool cache:
This plugin is used to make site faster to load on web for better user experience.

7.Bne Testimonials:
To add a review section of the valuable clients,with this section website will rank in search engines. chat:
With this plugin we can enable live chat by connecting with the website for better user experience.

9.Facebook like box:
This plugin can integrate Facebook page of the business for better page rank and for good social measure.

10. sz Google:
This is a Google plus plugin for integrating into the website.

11.WP backup:
With this plugin we can take website backup. If any server error or hacking is done to the website then we can easily retrieve website from backup.

12.Share this:
With this plugin users can share the content or posts to social platforms.

this plugin plays major role to load the website on mobile devices.

14. Real Time Change:
With this plugin we can change the fixed content without any coading knowledge.
Ex: in footer section of the website design and developed by xxxxxxxxx,com can be changed with the help of this plugin.

Integrated Blog Section in Website:
‌To integrate blog in the website we must add post to our website
‌In every post we have a feature called as featured image
‌what ever images we add here that will appear in frontend
‌we should make sure that post had a specific category and tag section.

By default in WordPress we get auto generated links which are not suitable for seo purpose we have to change as per seo friendly links.

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